tips for using external hard drive

That term external hard drive had sparked my attention.

tips for using external hard drive

I was somewhat curious to find out how it worked and had been getting ready for a few very long tech jargon (that I will most likely have to go look up after agreeing with what he said).

Instead he brought out this tiny back box no larger than the palm of my hands which isn’t very large, and clarified all that all he had to do was plug it into the USB port and after the windows recognises it mechanically, it’s as easy as copy and pasting what type of information I enjoy across to the outside drive.

The procedure to retrieve my information proved to be a more complex one (which I did not quite fully understand) so I won’t get to this. However, I had been sold on the notion of this little black box that’s capable of holding my valuable data, and the practice of” back up” was as straightforward as copy and paste.


After getting my PC back up an working (big grin ), I decided to invest in one of the best external hard drive (there were larger sized ones that you can put in your desk, however I enjoy the idea of portable data) for keeping my information safe.

I was actually surprised that it wasn’t as expensive as I thought. All I must do is plug into the external drive into the USB port and it’s as simple as drag and drop my data.

Now I rest comfortably knowing my precious data is protected from sudden system crashed, and the best of what I really like about these mobile external hard drives are the very fact which it is possible to take them anywhere and they only weight a few ounces, I have seen mobile phones weigh greater than those.

buying a portable external hard disk

I highly recommend investing in a mobile external hard disk if you have never backed up your data or need additional storage space to backing up information, and if you travel a lot and need access to your personal data on the go. Feel free to visit my blog where I discuss specific variables to consider when buying the best external hard drive.

buying a portable external hard disk

If you have a pc and you have private data on it, then you need to be backing up. There are many ways to backup your PC, however in this article I will talk about only one of these ways – Backing up your documents with an external hard drive.


Let’s cover the prerequisites:


– Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.

– Administrative access to your PC (do not worry, you most likely already have this).

– You know exactly what you would like to backup. These are things like pictures, music, documents, desktop items and favorites.

– You have 1 free usb 2.0 port on your computer.

– You’ve saved all files that are open and shut any open programs (such as word or excel).


There are two fundamental ways to backup data to a hard disk: manual and automatic. I’m going to be discussing the manual backup procedure for private files. Let us begin.


Switch in your PC and login.

Connect your drive to your PC with the supplied USB 2.0 cable. If your drive requires external power from and AC adaptor then plugin that into.

The external hard drive will automatically be installed, mounted and also given a drive letter.

Now we’ve established that the drive is packed in Windows we could begin copying data to it.

Backing up a document to an external hard drive is an easy process. Open your external drive, select the files and folders you would like to copy and drag them into the external hard drive. The files are now copied to the external hard drive basically backing them up.

portable external hard drive

Almost all of your critical information is located in about 3-6 folders:

portable external hard drive

for Windows 2000 and XP: C:\Documents and Settings\”your user name”\. Backup the hyperlinks listed below. Bear in mind, in order to replicate the folders listed below all you need to do is drag the folders into your external hard disk drive and await them to be reproduced:

My Documents



for Windows Vista: C:\Users\”your username”\ Backup the folders listed below:







based on the amount of information that you have your backup could take hours or even days to finish.

For most folks, backing up private data is merely one of the things they’ll never do until they have been burnt by the best external hard drive failure. You don’t need to be one of these, backup those files until it is too late!

All computers have a minumum of one hard drive where data is stored. Ordinarily, these are found internally but as computers have evolved outside hard drives are getting to be part of computers. They are actually an external storage area where sensitive information can be held in a safe and secure environment and they’re essentially used as backup drives.


Spyware, Trojans and viruses all pose security threats to the data when the computer is accessing the internet. Additionally, since computers are often used by several members of their family, chances of any sensitive files becoming lost or corrupted are high.


Multimedia has become part and parcel of any computer software which takes up a great deal of disk space. A portable external hard drive may take care of all these requirements. External drives have their own enclosure case beyond the computer and the circumstance is mobile though a little larger than the hard disk it contains.


The external drive is on the computer with a high-speed port cable; fire wire and USB will be the most common interface cables used.

mobile external hard disk

This cable is used to pass information to and from the external drive into the pc. The external hard drive can be worked as a plug-and-play apparatus. The user can then get into the outside hard device like the usual inner drive.

mobile external hard disk

Because of its high storage capacity and reliability, big sized documents can easily be moved to and out of the office and house with the mobile external hard drive by simply plugging in the interface cable. Information can be moved from the computer to the laptop and vice versa.

Thus, if it is office work which has to be carried home, a working environment could be recreated by only the plug-and-play external hard drive or the consumer’s preferred programs are easily carried to and from anywhere to the other.


If many family members are using the same computer, the best external hard drive comes in handy for keeping sensitive data individually from the computer’s internal drive. Any document or file that’s deemed to be overly significant to get inadvertently lost or corrupted will probably be better off in the safety of an external drive.

What’s the External Hard Drive?


An external drive is merely a normal computer hard disk that’s been encased in a distinctive metallic enclosure using USB cables so it may be linked to a desktop or notebook computer. Once hooked on a USB interface, you can efficiently move huge amounts of datadocuments, images, photos, etc. from the typical computer to the outside.


This why outside apparatus became popular for backup apparatus in business surroundings. But fans of MP3s and digital photography also saw the possibility of getting”movable” storage apparatus and immediately started filling up theirs with videos, music and graphic artwork files.


As children become more portable, frequently traveling from house to college, to after school programs, to friends’ houses prior to returning home; their college work (performed on the household PC) can become corrupted or lost.

How Hard is the External Hard Drive

And as the dog did not eat his homework, it is equally as painful for the parent and child to understand that someone inadvertently deleted a pupil’s 20 page book report!

Having an outside drive, all work may be equally saved to and opened by the enclosed disc. No muss, no missing papers! If a pupil has taken a homemade video they desire to reveal for their science course then it’s an easy matter of unplugging the driveway, carrying it to college and returning it safely home.

How Hard is the External Hard Drive?

Kids are tough on matters. They accidentally drop reserve bags and backpacks on tough, concrete surfaces or muddy plop them on the wet floor. Just how will an outside drive consume? While being in a metallic case averts, immediate contact with the best external hard drive, it’s still quite vulnerable to drops and drops while switched on. Teach your student how to take care of their hard disk while it’s working out.


But after turned away, the hard disk can withstand a certain quantity of abuse. However, like most of electronic equipment, your external drive does not work well when subjected to water or moisture. So that the best way I’ve found to offer a little additional padding for your instance plus give it fine watertight cover, it to purchase one of these soft-sided, insulated lunch bags you can buy in any department store.


These lunch boxes have been already waterproofed or water resistant, so have fine roomy interiors big enough for many enclosures with space to spare to wires and power cords. They have soft cushioned sides that include a second layer of protection to the driveway. Like notebook cases do.


Now you know just a bit more about external hard drives, then you’re all set to do some researching on your own to locate an driveway that matches both your student’s lifestyle and your financial plan.

fill your internal hard disk

For all those who have come to your senses and recognize exactly how significant a normal backup of your information is, I congratulate you.

fill your internal hard disk

the best external hard drive is a hard disk which resides outside (outside ) of your pc case and connects to a PC via a USB, Firewire, or eSATA cable. The external drive offers a superb solution for those that wish to backup their personal computer files, photographs, and audio. All are simple to use and setup is simply a matter of plugging a cable in your desktop PC. An external drive may also supply you with far more available disk space in case you just happen to fill your internal hard disk.


So how do I select which one is ideal for me?


As you may expect, there are various brands and models to pick from. All of them offer options that vary primarily by calculating capacity and rate. Let us start with storage capability.


How big a driveway in case you get?


External drive capability is normally recorded in Gigabytes (a Gigabyte is a thousand bytes or a million megabytes, which will be approximately 11/2 CDROM disks ). When choosing an external hard disk drive, you need to choose what you’ll use the drive , and how much information you’ll be putting on the driveway.

A simple way to have a ballpark amount of how big your existing data folder is would be to, as an instance, make a folder to your own photos. You’d then cut and paste all your pictures to this folder. Now, to ascertain how big this folder is, just click the folder with your mouse and then select Properties from the resulting menu.]

Do this for your audio and other documents then add all of the folder sizes to find the entire size. As soon as you’ve got a last total, multiply that amount by 3. That will provide you an estimate of the minimal size your external drive ought to be.

picking an external hard disk

By way of instance, state your folders include up to approximately 50 Gigabytes (50GB) of information. Multiplying 50 X would equivalent 150GB. This could be your minimum dimensions outside drive. You constantly need to let room for future storage requirements. If you are able to spend a bigger drive, then get it.

picking an external hard disk

The three most popular kinds of removable disk ports are USB, Firewire, and eSATA. An interface is merely computer lingo for link type. With the introduction of USB, the most frequent standard, external hard disks are now widely available and comparatively cheap. Desktop models usually need a power supply whereas the majority of the mobile models receive their power from the USB port.


Presently, USB 2.0 rate is all about 480 megabits per minute. But, USB transfer rates are significantly influenced by other devices and software which are running in precisely the exact same time as your document transport, decreasing functionality.


Conversely, Firewire is similar to a direct link to the external disc , and will replicate files much faster than USB. It’s favored over the more common USB because of its higher effective rate and energy distribution capabilities, and because it doesn’t require a computer server.


The most important benefit of this eSATA technology is rate, a few 4-6 times quicker than present USB 2.0 and Firewire transport rates. You will soon be seeing an increasing number of products that provide eSATA as an alternative. Most external hard drives will soon be effective at three ports – but a few are only effective at USB or Firewire. One thing to remember whenever you’re picking the best external hard drive.


All three technology will find the task finished. Your choice will come down to price and simplicity of use. If you’re on a limited budget, then USB will probably be the ideal alternative, whereas if rate is what’s valuable to you, and you’re eager to cover this, Firewire or eSATA will do the job best.