Seagate 250gb portable external hard disk

I was actually surprised that it was not too expensive as I thought. I paid under $100 USD for my Seagate 250gb portable external hard disk, that was really more storage space than my internal hard disk (kind of old PC).

Seagate 250gb portable external hard disk

All I have to do is plug into the external drive into the USB port and it is as simple as drag and drop my own data. Now I rest comfortably knowing my most precious data is safe from unexpected system crashed, and the best of all what I really like about the best external hard drive are the very fact that it is possible to take them anywhere and they just weight a few ounces, I have seen cell phones weigh more than those.


I highly recommend investing in a portable external hard disk in case you have not backed up your information or need additional storage space for backing up data, and also if you travel a lot and want access to your personal data on the move. Feel free to visit my website where I discuss specific factors to consider when purchasing a portable external hard disk.


If you own a computer and you’ve got private data on it, then you need to be backing up. There are several ways to backup your PC, however in this article I will talk about just one of those ways – Backing up your files with an external hard disk.


Let us cover the prerequisites:


– Administrative access to a PC (don’t worry, you probably already have this).

– You know exactly what you would like to backup. These would be things like images, music, documents, desktop things and favorites.

– You’ve got at least 1 free usb 2.0 port on your computer.

– You have an outside drive finish with ac adaptor (in case your driveway needs it) and usb 2.0 cable.

– You’ve stored all files that are open and shut any open applications (such as word or excel).